How Viop™ Works to Increase Company Sales

Did you know that 97% of Americans now have phones? That equates to just over 320 million people, many of which could be crying out for your services. Furthermore, unlike email, most people are comfortable using their phones, making this an excellent way for businesses to connect with prospects.


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Viop™™ Features

But, when you consider the size of the audience, that means your staff could be manually dialing a considerable amount of phone numbers each day. They might also waste a lot of time when customers don’t answer or when the call goes through to voicemail. 

Fortunately, Viop™™ can provide you with an array of features that eliminate these problems. Our system exists to help you grow your sales figures beyond your expectations.

Let’s dive in and learn more about the ways Viop™ can maximize your company sales.

Cloud-Based System

Our cloud-based software allows employees to begin making calls the moment your business subscribes to our platform. This means you can start getting the benefits immediately. 

There is no need for staff to be in an office location. Year 2020 has accelerated the move to a hybrid working environment, and the Viop™™ software allows your team to work from anywhere in the world. This feature can increase staff satisfaction levels, improving their mood and helping them to perform to the best of their abilities.

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Screen Pop With Customer Details

When using power dialing software, your staff will be working more quickly than ever before, which can make it challenging to remember all the details of the customer they are calling. If you can’t refer to a customer by name, they are unlikely to buy your products or services. 

That’s why our screen pop feature instantly brings up all the information they need on their monitor while the phone is ringing. Not only will your employees know the relevant customer details, but they’ll see all the reports relating to previous interactions. This can help them find the data they need to increase the chances of making a sale.

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Predictive Dialing

When staff are dialing, they are not selling. Our predictive dialing function uses an algorithm to start making calls even before an agent has finished their current conversation. By dialing multiple calls at once, you have a higher chance of a prospect answering the phone. 

Our software will then pass the answered call to an available agent who can then make their sales pitch.

Let’s Get Started!

Since there’s no commitment, and we function via a month-to-month system, there’s no commitment or hassle involved whatsoever. Our no-commitment billing system makes Viop™™ an easy choice.

Call Tracking Features

Inbound calls to your business are a valuable source of information. For example, you can use our Viop™™ software to view incoming contacts by geographic location, determine the time of day they called, and study more variables to identify call trends. If your team are having little success calling people in a particular area during certain times of the day, then this is lost sales time.

When you analyze t he call data and view when people are phoning your office, you can determine when you should call them back as you’ll know when they tend to use their phones. This data-driven approach can massively increase your sales success ratios.

Lead Scoring System

Not all customers are of equal value to your business and some prospects in your database may not answer the phone very often. If your team are spending time chasing these leads, it can have a negative impact on your bottom line. But, when staff can view a lead scoring system, they can then call the prospects who are most likely to answer and have a conversation. 

Because this system updates as you make more calls, you always have the latest data at your fingertips.

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Employee Access Control

You can segment access to your Viop™™ software depending on employee roles. For example, you may have different departments that focus on selling particular products. You can then allow access to customer information according to which employees need to know the contact details of specific prospects. 

This feature means staff members don’t have to trawl through data that is not relevant to their jobs. But, this can also be a crucial data protection measure that protects personal customer information.

Pre-Recorded Voicemails

Leaving a voicemail doesn’t necessarily take a lot of time. But if you are doing this twenty times a day, then it becomes an inefficient practice. This is why the Viop™™ software allows you to use pre-recorded messages that staff can leave in an instant. They can then move quickly on to the next call. 

In addition, you can carefully craft a pre-recorded message to make your voicemails more effective. This can encourage consumers to call back and gives your team a better chance to make a sale.

Agent Performance Tracking

When using Viop™™ for business, you want to make sure your team is performing at their best. 

With agent tracking software, you can see which employees are making sales, and which staff may need help. You can then provide extra training to help increase your sales figures.

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Viop™™ is a market-leading company that helps your employees manage their time more efficiently while also boosting company sales revenues. Our platform is made for the modern commercial environment, allowing staff based anywhere in the world to contact your customers 24/7, 365 days per year.

Get in front of the competition and improve your customer experiences using the Viop™™ system and you’ll soon wonder what you ever did without our cloud-based platform. 

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