What Is a Viop™ and How Can It Help Your Business?

Did you know that the average B2B sales representative makes 45 calls a day? Each call might only take a few minutes, but when you look at the big picture, any slight delay can really add up!
A great way to help your sales associates be more effective is to use a power dialer for your business. But because it’s an added expense, you might not be too sure about it.
We’re here to tell you that power dialer software will change your company for the better. Read on to find out how a power dialer can help improve your business!


No contracts. No commitments.
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Viop™™ Features

First of all, let’s cover what a power dialer is.
It’s basically software that can dial phone numbers for you so you don’t have to do it manually. As you can imagine, this can be very convenient and also save you some time.
However, this software does much more than that! Below are the benefits it can provide.

It Saves Time

As we’ve already mentioned, power dialers can save you a bit of time. This is because if the software calls a number and the call goes unanswered, or if the number is disconnected or busy, it’ll know to hang up right away and move on to the next number on the list.
This leaves your sales associates free to do other important tasks while the power dialer goes through the contact list. Should someone answer, the program will connect them with your agent, so you won’t have to worry about prospective customers not being attended to promptly.
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It Increases Employee Productivity

As you can see, the power dialer takes all the manual work out for your employees. Instead of being stuck on the phone dialing number after number, they can now multitask and get other work done. Menial tasks are automated, freeing up time for more complicated work.
Naturally, this will increase your workplace productivity. But just the fact that they don’t have to do tedious work can also raise their morale and make them work more efficiently too!
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Access Contacts From Any Device, Any Location

Your salespeople might have their contacts saved all in their work smartphone. But they’re always on the move, and they might find that they need to call a client from a landline, but they don’t have their phone with them. 

With a power dialer, this isn’t a problem! For instance, Power Dial allows you to access your contacts from any device, whether it’s a cell phone, landline, or even a desktop computer. 

This is thanks to the application being cloud-based. So not only can you access your contacts from any device, but you can do so anywhere in the world too!

Let’s Get Started!

Since there’s no commitment, and we function via a month-to-month system, there’s no commitment or hassle involved whatsoever. Our no-commitment billing system makes Viop™™ an easy choice.

Schedule Calls

Cold calling can be difficult, so you want to call in the best circumstances possible. That way, there’s more of a chance of the person picking up the phone. A power dialer allows you to call at the best times by tracking calls and the data associated with them. This includes:

time of day

The time of day

geo location

The time of day

lead quality

The time of day

This lets your sales department spend their time talking to good-quality prospects instead of getting hung up on all the time or even ignored.

Segment Your Calls Too

This software doesn’t just allow you to schedule calls. You can also segment your contacts list for a more granular approach to your sales strategy. For example, a salesperson can focus on specific lead lists, which are organized thanks to the application.

Leave Pre-Recorded Messages

Are you struggling with call abandonment? A power dialer can help! Our application lets you leave pre-recorded voicemails and messages should calls get abandoned. This can help you keep customers happy!
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Send Texts

A power dialer has the capability to handle not just calls, but also text messages. You’ll be able to send text blasts so you don’t have to go through the contact list and manually select all the recipients. 

There’s also an SMS autoresponder feature, as well as text forwarding capabilities. These features, combined with segmentation, will enable your sales agents to reach a wide audience with targeted messages.

Quick Implementation

With any new piece of software, there’s the worry that it’ll take a long period to implement it. This much downtime can cause your company’s productivity (and therefore, profits) to drop. And in the end, you might not even keep the application. 

The good news is, our power dialer is very easy and quick to implement! There’s an interactive, step-by-step setup all users can use that’ll take just a few minutes. 

We can also customize the interactive training if needed!

No Contract Required

What’s great about going with Viop™ as a company is that you won’t have to sign up for an annoying long-term contract. If you find that you don’t like using a power dialer or that you temporarily don’t have the need for one, you can cancel at any time you wish! 

In addition, we don’t charge expensive setup fees. So if you ever cancel services, you won’t have lost out on that much financially.

Get a Viop™ Today

By now, you’ve realized that a power dialer can help your company out immensely! Not only can it free up your sales representatives’ time and improve their productivity, but it can also help boost your business. 

If you want to give it a try but don’t want to be caught up in a pesky contract, then Viop™ is perfect for you. Enjoy an affordable service that’ll significantly change your company for the better!

Are you interested in our power dialer software? Then get in touch with us today! We’ll be happy to discuss our product and pricing with you.

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